Thursday, October 8, 2009

Birthday Bash

Well, Tiffany really outdid herself this time. Evidently she has been emailing my commander to plan a Birthday Party for me. After I got home from flying for the day, my commander's husband (he is also deployed with us) come by and asked me to come over to their room. I figured he was up to something, so I told him no, I don't think I want to come over, and then I gave my roommate a knowing wink. He busted out laughing while Aaron said fine as he stomped back to his room. So I headed over to their room and this is what I was greeted by:

Well, this, and about 20 of our pilots! They all sang Happy Birthday to me, helped me eat the cake (yes, she got a cake to us) and watched me open my presents. Tiffany shipped everything to us, to include the little army parachute guys as party favors.

The cake is from a company called Bake Me A Wish ( They have a program called "Operation: Birthday Cake" where you can order a birthday cake for your soldier overseas. Evidently it was triple boxed with cooling packs to keep it cold. And my commander said it worked, it was still cold when they received it. And it was excellent! I will be sending some of these pictures to Bake Me A Wish as a thank you to them. Here are a few pics of us enjoying the cake.

And a few of me opening my gifts. The first one is a series of storyboards about the boys' summer. I now have these hanging in my room.

The next one is of me as Jason Bourne in The Bourne Identity movie poster. Tiff has the poster on her blog.
And last, but not least, is the T-shirt my boys gave me for when we play Rock Band on our Wii. Thanks guys. You really made me feel special on my birthday, even though I was so far away. Hopefully we'll be able to be together next year. xoxo ~Daddy

Thank you to everyone who sent a Birthday Card to Tiffany for me. I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of you who sent me Birthday wishes. It feels really good to be remembered.


  1. Cute!!!!! Glad you enjoyed your birthday...that's a great wife you've got there, Jay. :) The Bourne poster is hilarious. And you look skinny. Are they feeding you over there??? j/k

  2. Glad you had a great day. My bday is the day before yours. I hope you got the stuff from Carey, I, and the kids.

    Love and Prayers,


  3. Honey we were so excited to hear about the party! Thanks for the phone call and all the details. It was so fun "sneaking" around and getting all the planning done without you knowing! Haha!! I'm tickled that Tracy and Aaron had fun with it as well. We miss you and love you very much and look forward to celebrating with you in person next year.

    It's crazy to think that your birthday this year, in Iraq, is better than what happened last year, eh? :)


  4. Hi Jason,
    Just opened your blog and was thrilled you had a wonderful birthday!!You are certainly in our thoughts and prayers as well as your companions over there. Take care of yourself and will be glad to see you home with Tiff and the boys..!!
    Love and God Bless,
    Aunt Sharon and Uncle Jerry

  5. Okay honey! Time for another post! :)


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